Amnesty international: Afghanistan: human rights defenders under increased attack - new briefing
28. August 2019

Al Jazeera: Death toll in Afghanistan wedding blast rises to 80
21. August 2019

Tolonews: Girls School Torched In Kabul
20. August 2019

Al Jazeera: July casualties in Afghanistan highest since May 2017
3. August 2019

Tolonews: UN Reports Record Number Of Afghan Civilian Deaths In July
3. August 2019

Al Jazeera: Dozens of civilians killed as Afghan bus hits roadside bomb
31. Juli 2019

Guardian: Afghan government and Nato killing more civilians than the Taliban
30. Juli 2019

Gandhara: At Least 50 Killed In Separate Attacks in Afghanistan Despite Peace Efforts
25. Juli 2019

Ariana news: Afghanistan War: Over 93,000 Civilian Victims In Last Decade
19. Juli 2019

AP: Explosion outside Kabul University kills 8, wounds 33
19. Juli 2019

Ariana news Report: Afghan Returnees Face Economic Difficulties, Unemployment
15. Juli 2019

BBC: Afghanistan war: Child used in suicide attack
12. Juli 2019

Al Jazeera: Suicide-bomb attack targets wedding party in eastern Afghanistan
12. Juli 2019

Tolo News: Four Civilians Killed In Raid On Health Clinic In Wardak
12. Juli 2019

Al Jazeera: Afghanistan: Several killed in Taliban car bomb attack in Ghazni
7. Juli 2019

Human Rights Watch: Afghanistan War’s Terrible Toll on Children
1. Juli 2019

Al Jazeera: Taliban attack in Kabul kills 16, wounds dozens of children
1.Juli 2019

The Washington Post:
To survive in Kabul, boys scavenge for treasure in the city’s trash
10. Februar 2019

New York Times:Taliban Slaugther Elite Afghan Troops, and a "Save" District is Falling
12. November 2018

International Crisis Group: Kandahar Assassinations Show Rising Taliban Strength in Afghanistan
19. Oktober 2018

The Guardian: Beheadings, roadside bombs and airstrikes: one day in Afghanistan
7. Oktober 2018

BBC: Why Afghanistan is more dangerous than ever
14. September 2018

Spiegel Online: Viele Tote bei Explosion nahe Moschee
6. Mai 2018

The Guardian: Ten journalists among 36 killed in Afghanistan Attacks
30. April 2018

ZDF heute: Fotograf Shah Marai in Kabul getötet
30. April 2018

Kurier: Kabul- Weit mehr als 50 Tote bei Selbstmordanschlag
22. April 2018

New York Times: Attacks in Afghanistan Leave Dozens Dead and 2 Schools Burned
15. April 2018

The Washington Post: Civilian casualties in Afghanistan at near-record level this year, according to U.N. report
13. April 2018

The Washington Post: Taliban attack on Afghan government compound kills 15
12. April 2018

Al Jazeera: Afghan air attack 'kills children' at Kunduz religious school
3. April 2018

The New York Times: Suicide Attack in Afghanistan Kills at Least 14 at Wrestling Match
23. März 2018

Independent: Afghanistan suicide and gun attacks: More than 20 killed in multiple assaults claimed by Taliban and Isis
24. Februar 2018

BBC: Taliban threaten 70% of Afghanistan, BBC finds
31. Jänner 2018

The Guardian: Europe sends people 'home' to Afghanistan, where they have never been
23. Dezember 2017

Los Angeles Times: Zunahme der zivilen Opfer von US-amerikanischen Lusftschlägen
4. Dezember 2017

Migration Policy Institute: Afghanistan: Displacement Challenges in a Country on the Move
16. November 2017
Spiegel online: Mehrere Tote bei Anschlag in Kabul
16. November 2017

The Guardian: Kabul welcomes the Afghan warlord who once shelled its citizens
19. Oktober 2017

Deutsche Welle: Interview mit Horia Mosadiq „Es gibt keine sicheren Zonen in Afghanistan“
16. Oktober 2017

Frankfurter Rundschau: Bloß nicht Afghanistan
9. Oktober 2017

Al Jazeera: Bombers, gunmen attack Shia Imam Zaman mosque in Kabul
26. August 2017

Spiegel online: Viele Tote bei Anschlag auf Moschee in Kabul
25. August 2017

Al Jazeera: Funerals, protests for Herat mosque bombing victims
3. August 2017

Zeit Online: Jeden Tag Schießpulver in der Luft
10. August 2017

Wiener Zeitung: Ein Tag in der Hölle
4. Juni 2017

Al Jazeera: Afghanistan: Asylum Denied
25. Mai 2017

New York Times: ‘A Shortage of Coffins’ After Taliban Slaughter Unarmed Soldiers
22. April 2017

The New York Times: Selbstmordanschlag in Kabul während Abschiebung
13. März 2017

derStandard: Österreich will unbescholtenen 19-jährigen nach Kabul abschieben
11. März 2017

derStandard: Interview mit der afghanischen Menschenrechtsaktivistin Hoia Mosadiq
7. März 2017

RadioLiberty: 'Not Even Dogs Live Like This'
17. Februar 2017
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